Print without the use of clichés

First of its kind in BULGARIA, this innovative technology combines the best of the different types of printing. The printed image has a high resolution without concerns regarding the size of the point and without expensive cylinders for rotogravure and deformation of photo-polymer flexo printing forms.

Innovative printing

Modern technology for printing on flexible materials allows you to print without the use of clichés and cylinders, unlike other known technologies such as flexo printing and rotogravure printing.

No minimum quantities

Organization of our manufacturing process combines high performance and flexibility of digital and conventional machines, which allows us to print from one package to large volume production. That allows us to make a demo or sample packaging and labels.

High quality printing

We know that the quality of the product is crucial to the success of our customers, so we provide printing quality gravure and B times better compared to flexo printing.


The machines allow us to experiment without regard to the amount visions of printed products. We can print and personalize with a different design or numbering each container or label assigned to us for printing.