Manufacture of pouches

Each industry requires different types pouches. Our capabilities in production of different size and material pouches
are above average in our market. Innovation in the production of pouches allows us to produce high quality pouches with zipper
tape and standing bags for products with special status and products with a wide range of applications.


Standard pouches for use in various industries - hand glued bag sleeve type bag with bottom pleats and side pleats.

Standing pouches

Technology that enables the standard packages with lower actually sit without deformation of the bag or the contents of the product. Contributes to the visual and aesthetic sense of the package. Wide range of applications in various fields.

Pouches with zipper

Innovative technology that allows the bag to be used repeatedly by holding a long shelf life of the product, even after opening. Efficiency of zipper tape allows the use of technology in various industries.


The sleeves are an improved version of the flexible tag. The use of heat-resistant materials allow the sleeve to shrink in different sizes and shapes of bottles and other products. Opportunity to cover the whole product gives greater activity for the production of high quality and innovative design.